Fathom Geophysics Newsletter 22

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As a free service to our clients and other VIPs, Fathom Geophysics produces an electronic newsletter.

We produce the newsletter as a low-key way of keeping in touch with the folk we care about, and as a way to present some tidbits of information that we hope readers find interesting.

Industry Conditions: Oz miners back in business

Story thumbnail imageTHE Australian mining industry gathered steam in the March 2017 quarter, and explorers have felt the need to ratchet down their drilling expenditures and meterages amid apparent demand-induced increases in drilling contractors' prices. Read More 

Ore Model News: Transvaporites get airplay

Story thumbnail imageA GRAND unified theory of how and why supergiant deposits arise features transvaporization, a volatiles-exchange concept that was spurned decades ago but that is now being re-examined. Read More 

Analytical Methods News: Industry fields gadgets influx

Story thumbnail imageDEVELOPERS of quantitative analytical methods have been working overtime to bring improved processes and gadgets to the extractive industries market. Here is a perusal of a few of them. Read More 

About Fathom Geophysics

In early 2008, Amanda Buckingham and Daniel Core teamed up to start Fathom Geophysics. With their complementary skills and experience, Buckingham and Core bring with them fresh ideas, a solid background in geophysics theory and programming, and a thorough understanding of the limitations of data and the practicalities of mineral exploration.

Fathom Geophysics provides geophysical and geoscience data processing and targeting services to the minerals and petroleum exploration industries, from the regional scale through to the near-mine deposit scale. Among the data types we work on are: potential field data (gravity and magnetics), electrical data (induced polarization and electromagnetics), topographic data, seismic data, geochemical data, precipitation and lake-level time-lapse environmental data, and remotely-sensed (satellite) data such as Landsat and ASTER.

We offer automated data processing, automated exploration targeting, and the ability to tailor-make data processing applications. Our automated processing is augmented by expert geoscience knowledge drawn from in-house staff and from details relayed to us by the project client. We also offer standard geophysical data filtering, manual geological interpretations, and a range of other exploration campaign-related services, such as arranging surveys and looking after survey-data quality control.